Dennis Hopper's Career Zenith of 1986
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By Lane Turney
Hollywood and cinema itself is, in a lot of ways, still in its infancy. In modernity, we are just now entering into a generation that has no connection, relatives or otherwise, to the advent of the film industry. They have no concept of how film has reflected society’s maturation since the beginning of the monumental twentieth century. The charting of American history during this great century coincides with our innovative ability to capture ourselves on celluloid, or at least an approximation thereof. Some of America’s most treasured character actors have provided the lifeblood of these approximations of our very lives and shifting values.

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Interview with the Vampire

Starring: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise


Starring: Natalya Bondarchuk

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Movie Reviews

Jesus of Nazareth

Took me 2 days to watch it all after recently buying, still stands test of time for me, the main reason Robert Powell's performance. Even last temptations William Defoe & the Jesus in the passion can't beat Powell's mesmerising portrayal. A flawless performance whilst up against some of the greats along side him.


A bloodthirsty alien, devoid of remorse or conscience, kills off crew members of a deep-space mining ship. But Ripley conveys the strong message to never give up and to do everything you can to try to save your friends and co-workers.

Far and Away

"Far and Away" has all the markings of an epic, even a race -- with covered wagons -- but its land-grab scene with horses and wagons toppling over one another is unintentionally hilarious.

Hit Lady

I loved the movie. It had a nice plot and approach.

Captain Kidd

Sky Domino

Charles renders a grandly theatrical performance as the infamous pirate, a role he would spoof in a 1952 comedy.

The Rocket 9

Charlie Boy

Considering that this a film from Quebec, it is a very well done film with terrific acting, a great story and directing. The film has been said that it's the best sports drama since Scorsese's Raging Bull. The Rocket may not be as masterful as Scorsese's film, but it's close. Given time, The Rocket might become a sports classic.

The Grapes of Wrath

Lisa Hedrich

The Grapes of Wrath is, in fact, the greatest master- piece the screen has ever produced; in it John Ford has established in vivid and inescapable terms the knowledge of good and evil. Powerful look at the Depression and the poor.

Seven Samurai

Joe The Critic

Seven Samurai is a magnificent, barbaric, Japanese picture maintaining a high level of technical and artistic brilliance which only sheer exhaustion - it lasts two and a half hours - prohibits from whole-hearted admiration.


Sara Marin

Gallipoli is a superbly crafted war drama from director Peter Weir. Weir assembles a fine cast of talented actors who all give stunning performances. Gallipoli shows the chaos of the war and tells a compelling and engaging story. This is quite a different war film, and in many ways it succeeds at delivering an experience that we've never seen in the genre. The film is very well done, and I Love Mel Gibson...