Sergio Leone's Epic Western: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST

How to describe a film that masters the juxtaposition of sound and image in such an uncanny fashion that it defies mere words, or any encapsulation for that matter? I might as well try to convince you of the greatness of Moby Dick. Much has been written about this film, the ultimate western, which simply has not been surpassed by any other western. Leone’s own Duck, You Sucka!(a.k.a. Fistful of Dynamite) is criminally overlooked and deserves attention as a revisionist western. The best way to break it down is to express how it makes me feel, considering I can’t imagine another legitimate reason to watch any movie.

Simply put, Once Upon A Time In The West captures what it is to love movies and be in love with cinema itself. There are images that bore into the mind in such an intrinsic manner that they become a part of our interior fabric. Leone’s masterpiece (one of many) is known for being thin on plot and heavy on the visuals. But relying too heavily on the plot in this case, and any film’s case, only trivializes the medium and makes it inseparable from filmed theatre. Leone is considered one of the greatest filmmakers because his art can only be distilled as cinema.

Written By Lane Turney

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