Poster for the movie "Hit Lady"


Thriller, Drama |R| | 72 | English | none

At a Texas barbecue, a pretty woman chats up a wealthy rancher, and soon they're off on a horseback ride. Before she shoots him on an isolated road, she gives him a minute to reflect on who he might have offended on his rise to the top. She's Angela de Vries, a contract killer based in L.A. She wants this to have been her last job; her contractor wants one more death, a national union leader, made to look like an accident. She starts her homework on this mark. Meanwhile, in her private life, she

Director: Tracy Keenan Wynn

Cast: Yvette Mimieux, Joseph Campanella, Clu Gulager, Dack Rambo, Keenan Wynn, Roy Jenson, Paul Genge, Del Monroe, Mitzi Hoag, Sam Edwards, Francisco Ortega, Leslie McRay


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