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Welcome everybody to Exhibe Flix Social. You can subscribe to the best website in the world and enjoy movies from all genres, from entertainment to philantropic. You will need to provide a verifiable valid email account. After verifying your account on the email sent, you will be redirected to our subscription plans page, but do not worry because you have successfully signed up for the free 1 year subscription. Go to the "ALL MOVIES" menu to start watching today. Still need help? CONTACT US HERE

 A  movie lover? a distributor? an online cinema platform? a programmer?  a social media site? a source of information? Yes.
EXHIBE FLIX  is a curated online cinema that brings you the best independent, cult, classic and award-winning movies. It is available in many different countries around the globe and on multiple devices like cellular phones, tablets, computers, laptops, TVs, and video game consoles.  A subscription to EXHIBE FLIX opens up a world of cinema for you to explore.  Every single day we present a new movie especially for you. 30 outstanding new movies are added every month so you can enjoy amazing new independent releases, international discoveries, and all time favorite films all under the same platform.
First time users can enjoy their initial 7 days for free. Enjoy the movies you love with the family you love.
We are a distributor of independent and international productions.  We strive to present recent, innovative and compelling movies that have participated or won film competitions and have a following so we can present them to our demanding Exhibe Flix audience.

Cinephiles can also review and share about the movies they are passionate about making Exhibe Flix a specialized social media channel where movie lovers can provide feedback and commentaries on their likes and experiences about the cinema they enjoy, and users are able to network and follow each other.   Subscribers are also able to post and share to other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and share movie posters, synopsis and reviews.

Our site also provides the latest trailers for movies in theaters, you can be the first one to go to your chosen release and get movie ticket deals up to 60% off!

Film fans will appreciate our database presenting an array of actors and directors bios and filmographies from around the world.

Our Daybook News page features Hollywood, entertainment and general world news as well as reports and reviews on film related topics and trends -every day. 

Exhibe Flix also created a film schools program in the spirit of providing an educational tool and experience for the public-specifically students-interested in learning about a wide variety of movies, world culture, history of cinema and art without forgetting to be entertaining as well. We are a source of movies that can provoke thought and discussion whether at a school setting or between friends that appreciate stimulation and great conversation.
Because of ths Exhibe Flix offers a one year free subscription to college and university students, or to any student providing a valid .edu email account. This way the school community can create profiles and follow and communicate with other members and post reviews and suggestions on social media.

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