About Us

EXHIBE FLIX  is a curated online cinema that brings you cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. Available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices, a subscription to EXHIBE FLIX opens up a world of cinema for you to explore. Every single day our cinephiles and experts present a new movie especially for you, that would make it 365 extraordinary films a year curated by EXHIBE FLIX and first time users can enjoy their initial 7 days for free. Enjoy the movies you love with the family you love. 

We support independent filmmakers and international productions.  We strive to present recent, innovative and compelling movies that have participated or won film competitions which for the most part do not receive the opportunity to be presented to large and mainstream audiences.

Cinephiles can also review and share their favorite movies making Exhibe Flix a specialized social media channel where movie lovers can provide feedback and commentaries on their likes and experiences about the cinema they enjoy and users are able to network and follow each other.   Subscribers are also able to post and share to other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and share movie posters, synopsis and reviews.

Our site also provides the latest trailers for movies in theaters, you can be the first one to go to your chosen release and with movie ticket deals up to 60% off!

Film fans will appreciate our a database presenting an array of actors and directors bios and filmographies from around the world.

Our Daybook News page features Hollywood, entertainment and general world news as well as reports and reviews on film related topics and trends.