Aside from being able to enjoy movies on our website, we are available around the world on iOS and Android devices, Apple, as well as on the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox One in select territories - with more platforms to come!


Choose from one of our subscription plans. This enables you to comment, share and rate movies as well watch them over and over if you'd like. They are available on any device like computer, cellular phone or tablet, video game console or TV.
Yes, your Exhibe Flix subscription opens up a world to the movies and it can be enjoyed wherever you travel. Remember rights between countries vary so sometimes you may not be able to find the same movie in another location, or the audio, soundtrack or subtitles may be different from place to place.
There are movies available in HD in our system but the majority of the classic or international films may not be. We make an effort of providing the best viewing quality suitable for your device and connection.

At Exhibe Flix you can also comment and discuss on your favorite movies, rate and share them with other film fans in our world community. Our news section features Hollywood, entertainment and general world news. We also provide a database where you can find Biographies and Filmographies from an array of Directors and Actors from around the world.

By subscribing for free you can check out our news section, watch trailers of new movie releases and even buy tickets to watch them. You can also choose from two different subscription plans to begin enjoying a nice and wide selection of favorite and hard to find movies.
Presenting movies that have been favorites and new discoveries excites us very much. We support independent filmmakers and international productions, bringing you action and animation, to short films, documentaries, and classics. Such movie selection at EXHIBE FLIX is also chosen by a team of movie experts dedicated to satisfy the diversity of interests. We have arrangements with major studios and distributors so we can also bring you recent releases. Find what we offer at Exhibeflix.com.
At Exhibe Flix we feature many hard to find movies within a wide variety of genres, you can also enjoy a seven day free trial. We include film festival winners and participants which can be enjoyed on your computer, on the go, or your own television. Movie lovers can comment on and share their favorite movies making this a specialized social media channel for movies.

Payment & Subscriptions

Go to Exhibeflix.com/subscriptions and scroll to Payment Info and click Update Credit Card.
Exhibe Flix accepts Paypal payments on any subscription level.
Credit card transactions are completed by Paypal and Stripe. Billing information is transmitted via a secure connection. We aim to make you feel safe and enjoy a great time with us.
Easily! Users can change email, password and even username. Simply head over to your account settings and change your personal info there.

You can cancel any time in your subscription settings. If you are under a plan, the system will preserve any remaining time paid for if you cancel your subscription.

Yes, of course. Just click and choose “Change Plan” by clicking "Subscription" under "MY ACCOUN T".

Problems And Support

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please go to www.exhibeflix.wpengine.com/contact-us/, we will be happy to help!
There is a possibility you actually have a second account on EXHIBE FLIX on which your subscription is running. Please check if you have subscribed with another email address, or contact our Support Team at info@Exhibeflix.com
Exhibe Flix sends an activation email right after sign up. Look for it under the spam folder as our message may end up there. Contact us anyway in case of any issues to correct them.