How Exhibe Flix Works

Welcome! The future of entertainment has arrived. The personal computer, tablets, cell phones and laptops, are now some of the biggest players in getting movies out to the public.  The ease and quickness of selecting  movies a has been improving over the years that watching a movie and purchasing a DVD of a desired movie is second nature for many.


We feature a New Movie Everyday, that's 30 new movies a month, that's 365 new movies a year. To use Exhibe Flix, consumers can choose from many different movie categories made easy to find from the MOVIES page; for example ACTION or COMEDY. The home page can direct you to trailers from theatrical new releases and places where you can watch and review movies, purchase movie tickets, and enjoy independent movies, new releases or classic movies.  Once in that category just click on the poster which will take you to a page where you can choose to purchase the movie as an immediate stream or also order a Blu-Ray or DVD.  A trailer is available on the same page for most movies as well.

Our Daybook News section will feature world as well as entertainment news daily.

The way to enjoy movies is to provide a verifiable valid email account. After verifying your account on the email sent, and creating your own password you can Login and go to the "ALL MOVIES" menu to start watching today.

Throughout the site we feature sponsored special offers and gifts from trusted brands to local businesses.

You or your family group can watch all of Exhibe Flix movies streaming over the internet to PCs, Macs, cells, tablets,  TVs and Game Consoles. We want you to be a part of Exhibe Flix, we value your comments and opinions, become a fan!

Film School Program

We also offer a free 1 year subscription to Exhibe Flix to all film school students or any student with a valid email account. Once registered you will be asked to check your email and verify your account. After verifying your account on the email sent, and creating your own password you can Login and go the "ALL MOVIES" menu to start enjoying movies today and create your social media profile.

Movies and TV Shows Streaming Instantly

Connect your PC or Mac to your TV using an HDMI cable, select your desired movie on the computer and watch instantly on your TV.

Ratings & Recommendations

You can rate the movies you’ve watched through your TV or on the ExhibeFlix website.

ExhibeFlix in association with some of our partners like Amazon, Walmart and Vudu, takes these ratings and pairs them with billions of other ratings by other Exhibe Flix users to accurately predict movies customers around the world will enjoy.

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